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used car documentation feeEverything You Ever Wanted to Know About a Dealer Doc Fee
New or used, the price on the window of that shiny car is seldom what you pay out the door. You should always plan on title and license fees, a destination price (if it's a new car), applicable sales tax and the documents fee, which is often referred to as the "doc fee."

Buying a Car: What Is a Doc Fee? – Autotrader
If you're going through the process of buying a car, you may have come across "doc fees," or documentation fees. Dealers sometimes charge this fee in addition to a car's purchase price, and it can often add several hundred dollars on top of the figure that you and the dealer agreed on.

What Are Car Dealership Documentation Fees? |
Car Buying Articles. What Are Car Dealership Documentation Fees? What You Need To Know About This Car-Buying Cost

7 Car Dealership Fees and Services to Avoid | My Money …
7 Car Dealership Fees and Services to Avoid Don't get hit with charges for delivery, fabric protection and other unnecessary fees.

Car Salesman Confidential: What's Up, Doc (Fee)?
What is this thing called a "Doc Fee?" It's a fee charged by a dealership that covers the cost of paperwork involving in selling a car.

Average Dealer Documentation Fees by State
Dealer documentation fees (also known as doc fees), cover a dealer's administrative costs related to title, registration, and other paperwork involved with the car purchase.

Dont Pay Unnecessary Dealer Fees |
Documentation fees, which cover the costs of processing all the paperwork associated with a new car purchase, are something new car buyers need to pay.

Estimate Used Car Values … Final Fees and Negotiating Tips. By Joe Wiesenfelder. … This stands for documentation fee, purportedly to cover the cost of paperwork. It's usually less than $50. Some dealers will refuse to budge on it. prep fee: …

What New Car Fees Should You Pay? on
An Overview of the Process Most commonly, there are three categories of car-buying fees: vehicle registration fees, sales tax and a documentation fee or "doc fee."

Don't Pay Car Dealer Fees Without a Fight – Autoblog
Don't Pay Car Dealer Fees Without a Fight Being a smart, prepared shopper can save you big money. … But there are ways to be tough with a new or used car dealer in the negotiations. … Documentation fee: Dealers often play hard ball on this fee, …

FAQ – Used Car | Buying a Used Car, Used Car Search …
Frequently asked questions, faq, Buy used car, test drive, test rental, best deals

Download Centre – Useful documentation to buy or sell my …
Document Download Centre Buying or Selling a car? Everything you need. … Used Cars in SA. Used Car Sale: South Africa; Used Cars: Gauteng; … Buy or Sell used cars online at, the FREE South African vehicle classifieds! SUBMIT FREE LISTING!

Which Dealer Fees Are Legitimate? –
Which Dealer Fees Are Legitimate? With all the horror stories regarding dealerships, it's good to be skeptical when it comes to all the extra fees associated with a car purchase. … Dealer Documentation Fee Also called the "Doc Fee", …

Dirty Car Dealership Tactics – Canadian Finance Blog
What dirty car dealership tactics have you come across? Shares. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Written by Alan Schram … Im in car sales and the documentation fee is standard every dealer charges it. Whether they disclose it to you is another story.

Call 12: Buying a car? Be aware of 'doc fee' –
Call 12: Buying a car? Be aware of 'doc fee', It's the flash of new-car red in a showroom window that catches your eye. Or perhaps a low-mileage 1969 Mustang with a Boss 302 sitting under fluorescent lights.

New Car Buying Tips: Dealer fees, haggling tips, scams to …
Ask About Fees. Ask if the dealer charges advertising fees, dealer prep or other fees. Make sure it agrees with what you found on the car pricing sites.

The Truth About Car Dealership Administration Fees …
We're talking about the bottom line of buying a used car: the price. Unfortunately, the cost of getting that new ride isn't just restricted to the car itself. … For example, sales contracts revealed that Edmonton stores were charging customers $395 for a "DOC. FEE" …

Used car dealers surprising shoppers with extra fees – W5
This year's APA survey of used car dealers in the Vancouver area turned up another quirk. When W5 followed the APA to car lots with our hidden cameras, it turned out that more than half of them wanted more money than the advertised price. Some dealers called it a "documentation fee" and the

Used Car Taxes and Fees |
Buying a used car doesn't shield you from extra costs associated with car purchases. Learn about the taxes and fees your used car will likely incur.

Car Dealer Fees, Prep, Addendums and Documentation Fee …
Car Dealer Fees – Gonna Getcha' Car Dealer Documentation Fee & Other Hidden Charges. Car dealer fees can be not only frustrating, but can add up to be some pretty big bucks.

What Is a Documentation Fee for Buying a Car? – Budgeting …
What Is a Documentation Fee for Buying a Car? … Unfortunately, the price you and and dealership agree on isn't always the final price. Car dealership fees, such as documentation fees, can take a sizable chunk out of your savings …

Doc fees. (Car Buying Fees) – Edmunds Answers
I wouldn't call doc Fees "pure" profit. The stores have a staff that takes care of all of the long and tedious paperwork involved in selling a car.

Car buyers should question documentation fees |
CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP)- The 22News I-Team has received complaints from consumers who say they question the validity of "documentation preparation" fees that some auto dealerships tack on to a sales contract. The State Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation suggests consumers demand

Tales From The Cooler: California "Helps" Car Buyers By …
Tales From The Cooler: California "Helps" Car Buyers By Raising Documentation Fee. … If I pay the same amount for the car but $500 of the price is "doc fee" then that means the salesperson is getting his percentage off of $500 less in profit.

What Extra Fees Should I Expect When Buying a New or Used …
When you're buying a used car, you'll end up paying more than the sticker price. Automotive experts discuss some of the additional fees to expect.

Car Closing Fees – Consumer Reports
Documentation fee or conveyance charge A charge of $150-$300 for processing documents that establish your title and registration is reasonable. Question any charges that are higher than $300. Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) insurance A must for leased vehicles. It covers the difference between your

Documentation Fee or Doc Fee – The Motor Vehicle Sales …
Documentation Fee or Doc Fee. By Vehicle Sales Authority of BC. Posted January 6, 2015. In 0. 0. A negotiable fee charged by a dealer for services such as administration, vehicle registration, a lien check, or vehicle history report.

What is a doc fee when buying a new car and how much is it …
Short for documentation fee, this is the cost that a dealership will typically charge to cover the cost of paperwork for items like the title and registration.

Sheet3 Sheet2 Sheet1 Dealer Name Street Address City/Town New or Used Cars? Doc Fee Amount What is the reason for the doc fee? Other Is the doc fee negotiable?

What are dealer fees and do we have to pay those? Are they …
I want to buy a used car, but in reading the small print in the online ad it goes into dealer fees (300.00) tax, tag, and registration (I know those have to be paid).

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