is it worth buying a car at auction

is it worth buying a car at auctionBuying a car at auction – is it worthwhile?
Let's be honest. Buying a near new car can be daunting. Having to spend an entire Saturday traipsing around a dozen dealerships and then coming back even more confused than before is no-one's idea of fun. This is perhaps why car auctions are becoming increasingly popular.

Is it wise to buy a car at auction? – Telegraph
James Foxall considers whether it's worth buying a car at auction Photo: RII SCHROER. At auction, a canny dealer might buy a 59-reg Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTi for £7,430 at the most. They'd hope to sell it on for £9,580, which on the face of it is a healthy £2,150 profit.

Everything You Need To Know About Buying a Car at Auction
Buying a car at government auction used to guarantee a bargain, that's not true any more. At public auctions, however, those may mean the car is such a basket case that no one thought it was even worth the effort to try and fool people.

Best tips for buying a car at auction- Car News | CarsGuide
Buying a car at auction can be 10 to 30 per cent cheaper than shopping for a second-hand car at your local dealer. Knowledge is power when it comes to car auctions, so you need to make sure you are fully informed about what the kind of car you want to buy is worth.

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Car at Auction – MotorCartel
Car auctions provide the public with an alternative to private sellers and dealerships – but is it an alternative worth considering for the average buyer? This article looks at the pros and cons of buying a car at the fall of a hammer.

How To: Buy a Car at Auction – Feature – Car and Driver
Auctions are the fastest of fast tracks—you are betting you know what you want, that you can recognize a car's strengths and faults, that you know what it's worth, and that you have the cool 2. ATTEND the auction. Sure, you can bid by phone, but would you really buy a car you hadn't seen?

Buying from Damaged Car Auctions in Australia | AuctionFinder
Is it Worth Buying A Car from a Damaged Car Auction That's an interesting question, you really need to know your stuff when it comes to buying a vehicle at these types of auctions with the aim of getting the vehicle back on the road with a substantial saving to make it worth the trouble.

Buying a Car at Auction — Frugal or Foolish? | Clark Howard
Is buying a car at a public auction a smart idea? Contributor David Lardner is ready to find out with $5,000 of his own money! But, they still owe a lot of money on the car, which on average, is usually far more than it is worth.

Reader Story: How to Buy a Car at Auction
How to buy a car at auction Buying a vehicle at an auction can be fun, but not a lot of people are familiar with the process. Cars are also sent to auction when financial companies repossess them. They don't repo unless the vehicle is worth about $5000 or more because it costs them that much to…

Buy a Vehicle at Auction FAQ | Collector Classic Antique Auto…
Buying at auction is often the best way to buy a car because when the auctioneer drops his hammer with the last bid that is what the car is worth. Many times individuals who have cars for sale ask much more for the car than what it is worth.

How A Live Auto Auction Works
This is because some persons do not contend with the inherent responsibility that comes with buying a wholesale priced vehicle at Auction. In other words these Green Light vehicles are not in perfect condition needing just a couple hundred dollars worth of fixes.

Top 10 tips for buying a car at auction
If you've never attended an auction it is a good idea to go to one to witness what happens before you think about buying. It may be worth spending a bit extra to know that if anything goes wrong, you can take it back to be repaired.

How to Buy a Car at Auction
To buy a car at auction you need to get there as early as possible and bring your own copy of a car value guide. You may be tempted to spend quite a bit more on the car in front of you than what it's actually worth.

AutoCalculator :: Buying a Car at Auction
If they show interest in a car then it is likely to be worth bidding on. At used car auctions, don't bid much higher than car dealers when they stop. Oftentimes there will be several of the same make and model that you wish to buy on offer. It is a good idea to wait and see what the first one goes for.

Buying a Car at Auction | ThriftyFun
Buying a Car at Auction. I work for an auctioneer and one thing you have to look at is if it has a "clear" title or a "salvage" title. I think lemon laws are negated if you buy a car at auction in most states, so it is not worth it.

Buying A Car At Auction? Consider These Tips!
Buying A Car At Auction? It is also the fast track to buying a car. You are betting you know what the car is worth, you know its ups and downs, and you know when to stop bidding.

Car Auctions |
It is becoming more commonplace and has the potential to pay off for an astute shopper. On the other hand, buying a car at auction also embodies the warning of "buyer Knowing this will allow you to determine how much you think that vehicle is worth and how much you would be willing to pay for it.

Used car auctions – your complete guide – What Car?
Remember, too, that if you buy a car at auction it is your responsibility to make sure it can be legally driven on the road, and that includes making sure the Be prepared to walk away – you don't have to buy a car on that day. It's worth waiting for the right car at the right price. Beta This is a trial service.

How to Buy Police Impounded Cars: 10 Steps (with Pictures)
a car. But you should do the necessary preparatory work before you attend the auction, inspect the car at the auction before you buy it, and take the necessary steps before you drive it home to ensure your purchase from the impound auction ends up being worth your time and money.

What You Didn't Know About Buying Cars at Auction | Trusted Choice
Buying, modifying and reselling cars bought at car dealer auctions can turn you a tidy profit. But if you only plan on buying cars for yourself, it's probably best to buy from auctions that are open to the public instead.

Car Buying
What's My Car Worth. Car Research. Eight Steps to Buying a New Car. The following steps will tell you how to locate, price and negotiate to buy the car you want. Guide for First-Time New-Car Buyers.

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I got the feeling that it was volume that made this sort of hot or miss situation worth the while of used car dealers. posted by jessamyn at 12:58 PM on January 17, 2008. In the Philadelphia area, it's a common service for a dealer/mechanic to take you to such an auction and help you buy a car.

Buying a car at auction – Do your homework before… | Hemmings Daily
auctions buying a collector car at auction. I have always found just as nice cars, if not better, available at private sales that I have bought for much less than auctioneers, dealers and appraisers would like you to think they are worth.

Understanding Used Car Values – Consumer Reports
Dealers and brokers may buy auction cars for resale. The first step in assessing a used vehicle's true worth is to check its book value. This is the figure you'll find in pricing guides and used-car pricing websites, which lists a vehicle's base retail value.

Buying at a public auto auction in Texas – Houston Dallas Fort Worth…
Save the most money by buying a used car or truck at a public auto auction in Texas. Locations in Dallas, TX – Houston, TX – Ft Worth, TX – Austin, TX – San Antonio, TX. Come buy where all the dealers come to buy their inventory.

Baltimore Jewish Times sold at auction to Washington Jewish Week owner.

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Is it cheaper to lease or buy a car? –
How about leasing a car for a fixed period rather than buying one? It's worth considering whether it might actually be cheaper to lease your vehicle, even though that means you won't own it outright and will have to hand it back when you're finished. How to buy a car at auction.

Buying a car at auction
Buying a car at auction. "Auctions are the fastest of fast tracks—you are betting you know what you want, that you can recognize a car's strengths and faults, that you know what it's worth, and that you have the cool head to stop bidding at that point," cautions Car and Driver magazine.

How to Sell Your Classic Car at an Auction – Petrolicious
Last week, we tackled buying a car at auction, but for someone to buy, someone also needs to sell. How can any auction house promise sales results unless it is participating somehow with the buyer?" says Alcazar." "Anyone can tell you that your car is worth a particular value, but it will be the…

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