is it ok to buy a car with over 100k miles

is it ok to buy a car with over 100k milesbuying a car with 100k miles on it? | Forum
I bought a honda CRV with nearly 100K miles on it for ~$6K and now it has more than 210K miles. My mechanic said the car is in such a good condition it has no problem of going over 500K miles.

Which car is it okay to buy with over 100k miles on it? – Quora
Also would it be wise to buy a car with that many miles? My 2007 car has 125k miles on it, and needs at least $5k worth of maintenance. Why do number of miles matter when buying a car? How good is a car that has run over 100k+ miles?

Buying a Car with Over 100,000 miles
I buy older cars all the time to fix up and resell. I find most cars with over 100000 miles are the best buy in the long fun. But now you got me kind of worried. My car is a 98 Ford Taurus SE and has 139,000 on it. The wheel bearings I hope stay ok.

Is it alright to buy a car that's over 100K miles? | IGN Boards
Boards > Technology > Cars Lobby > Is it alright to buy a car that's over 100K miles? (Fell in love with the 2008 models) and my range is $20K. The few that I'm finding are within that range of 80K – 100K+ Miles under the $20K limit I set).

What We'd Buy with 100K+ Miles | The CarGurus Blog
What We'd Buy with 100K+ Miles. Of course every shopper wants to purchase a reliable car. But, by the way we look at it, the issue of reliability can be addressed with one question: Would I feel comfortable buying this vehicle if it had over 100,000 miles on it?

Would you guys buy a used BMW with over 100k miles? | Forum
That said, proper maintenance (or lack of it) is SO much more important than how many miles a car has on it. I hope that someone will buy a car with over 100k miles as I plan on selling my car later on.

Should You Buy a Car with 200,000 Miles? ยป News
Buying a 2001 mercury sable im sure its over 200k miles owner says it runs fine paying 700 from family friend what do you think. is it ok to buy a 92 to 2000 lexus that has any where from 200 thousand miles?

Buying a 2003-2004 Infiniti G35 Sedan with over 100k miles | Forum
What should I be worried about on a G35 Sedan with over 100k Miles? What are these cars notorious for? Its pretty much time to sell my camry now…around 7k is all I have now ( I do work 2 jobs )…But looking to buy a car,And get more money and than sell it in under a…

Would you spend 10k+ on a car with over 100k on it? | Page 3 | RMS…
Would you spend 10k+ on a car with over 100k on it? Discussion in 'Car Chat' started by Gaz_DC5, Dec 1, 2010. When you go to buy a car do you just assume that as it has low miles its been well looked after and is a good car?

Extended car warranty worth it? | Forum
I just bought a Lexus 07 GS 350 AWD with 112k miles. I was wondering whether it was a good idea to purchase an extended warranty from a 3rd party and if any are reputable. If this were a BMW with over 100K, I would absolutely buy it!

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Engine rebuild or buy a new car?
@ok4450 wrote: I can't see that kind of investment on a car with over 200k miles on it and also wonder why the shop thinks you should get another 80-100k miles out of the engine. If it's rebuilt properly (key word) it should last as long, or longer…

Thread of the Day: Is it Smart to Buy a Car with Over 100,000 Miles?
State. — al ak az ar CA co ct de DC FL ga hi ID IL in ia ks ky la me MD ma MI mn ms mo mt ne nv NH NJ NM NY NC nd oh ok or pa ri SC SD 20,000 miles sounds nice while 10,000 miles sounds even better. But matts4456 asks: is it smart to buy a car with over 100,000 miles???

Is it worth it to buy a used car with 105k miles? | Forum
I made the mistake of buying a car with over 100k miles and i'll never do it again. If you want something really badly don't justify getting it into your price range by finding one with high mileage.

Trucks with over 100K miles | Forum
I'm in the AF station in NC and i'm looking to buy a truck out here but everything seems so damn expensive and too me, with high miles (100K or more). My question is, is it still worth buying a truck with over 100K miles.

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First car 2000 honda civic ex coupe? | Yahoo Answers
OK well i'm limited on money and i always loved the 1998-2000 civic coupe's. Well i was wondering if buying one with over 90k miles would be alright for Last question, would it be safe to buy one with over 100k and upgrade it with things like intake or exhaust without the car dieing out on me quickly.

Why I did (and you should) buy a car over 100k a few states over.
Anywho, I decided I needed to buy a car to haul around the family. So I called and bargained over phone and email with the 3 dealerships, then set off on a weekend adventure! "Ok that sucks, see Ya!" I reply as I get up and head to the door. "Oh hey you drove all the way from Maryland to look at…

GMC Yukon with >100K miles | Forum – GreenHybrid – Hybrid Cars
Who has a Tahoe/Yukon with >100K miles?? And should I be leery of buying such a high mileage hybrid?? Again, many folks have had 2008s with little to no issues over the long term, but if it were me I'd look at a 2009 at the oldest MY and one that has at least a little bit left…

when should you trade in your Prius, before it becomes… | PriusChat
ok: at how many miles should you trade in your Prius,before it becomes a money pit car? I know of more than one owner with over 200,000 miles on their Prius and they're still going strong. If you want to buy a car that makes sense, buy a 90s Honda Accord.

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Recommendation for work needed at 100K miles for ML320.

Is it better to buy this used car from Craigslist or from a dealership?
Before buying a car from a private party be sure to have an independent mechanic look at it. Paying $100 for them to check it over is about the best investment you'll ever make. I don't think you're saving that much. Its 1000 bucks but you're dealing with 100k more miles…That's a lot of miles.

Mazda's RX-7 Successor Will Get A 450bhp Turbo Rotary Engine
Ok guys, listen up. I think once you are over 100K you know nobody is going to buy it because they all have a bad opinion about a rotary, so you don't bother to try to sell it. and for $100 ?. 61 cars, only 2 with over 100k miles on the clock.

Elantra over 100K miles | Forum
3. Finally, do you recommend an Elantra over other cars mentioned above? Do you think it would be wiser for me to spend this money on a different car, that is, a Be sure you get documented proof that it was changed if you buy one with more than 60K miles.

QOTD (x2): Who Here Has The Most Miles…
I have a shade over 255,000 miles on a '94 BMW 325i, with an original motor and transmission (manual, so no surprise there). It still runs like brand new, has had less money put into it than would be required to buy a comparable new car, and cruises at 80 with no problem.

Top 5 Worst Car Buying Mistakes |
Most used car dealers, especially the buy here-pay here ones will screw you over badly and there will be trouble with the car pretty quickly. I could buy a 5 year old model with 100k miles on it for around 11k. J-Dub. OK, neither of these is correct. Have the dealer show you the print-out of the full "deal…

mileage vs. age in used cars – carbuying usedcars | Ask MetaFilter
Should I go for lower mileage (under 100K, but probably over 80K from what I've seen) or for something that's newer but with high mileage? Bought it with only 35,000 miles on it and it's never given me any mechanical problems. Since Saturns are made of plastic (OK, fiberglass) there's no rust, but it…

200,000 Miles on a Car is the New Norm |
A consumer who owned a car that hit 100,000 miles without the need for any major repairs was a consumer who had chosen wisely when buying that car. Now, though, when the average car on the road is over 11 years old, any car that can't reach 100K is pretty much considered a lemon.

Anyone have over 200,000 miles? | Forum
I'm hoping to run my Cruiser till hell freezes over, LOL. although its pretty Bought it because my aunt owned it and it was always maintained and serviced It used to be quite an accomplishment to get a car to 100000 miles. OK, you may have to throw some parts at it beyond just the normal…

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