is it more economical to buy a diesel car

is it more economical to buy a diesel carWill A Diesel Car Save Money For Me Over Petrol Car In India?
"Does buying a Diesel Engine Car make any economical sense in India?" Third the maintenance cost of a Diesel engine is usually more than that of a petrol car, however this difference is not too big especially with modern diesel engines.

Which Car to Buy – Petrol or Diesel?
With petrol engines becoming more economical, it is vital to do the maths beforehand though. If you are thinking about buying a diesel car, consider how long it will take you to recoup the extra sale cost of the car as compared to buying a petrol car in the first place.

Which is Better a Diesel Engine or a Gas Engine?
It is more economical to buy a petrol engine car if you travel only a few miles a day, because the initial cost of petrol engine car is lower and maintenance cost is lower. So if you drive in a mountainous terrain, you will find a diesel car better compared to a petrol car.

Buyer's guide for TDI diesel cars and VW TDI forum and Audi TDI forum
It's more economical to buy a diesel and drive it for 20 years with minor repairs but you won't have the newest technology. I believe that people can enjoy great freedom and pleasure when driving and that cars are more than just an appliance that takes you from point A-B as economically as possible.

Fuel Economy – Petrol vs Diesel | The Car Expert
I read in the Evening Standard the other day that a diesel car will be more economical if you do more than 10,000 miles a year. I wanted to ask your advice on whether it is better for me to buy a diesel automatic or diesel manual car, which is an 04 plate, with low mileage?

Do I choose petrol or diesel? – What Car? | Economy
Diesel-powered cars tend to be more expensive to buy and service than their petrol counterparts, although the 'diesel premium' reduces in relative terms as cars get bigger. The most influential (and most overlooked) factor in running costs is time.

The Top 5 Most Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars
About half of all diesel cars sold in the U.S. last year came from this German carmaker. And though the Golf SportWagen isn't in the top five for sales, it is one of the most economical diesel cars to buy.

Should I Buy A Diesel Car? – OneHowto
The kinds of journeys you will do and the amount you plan to use the car will affect which choice is more economical, so what are the key factors which should influence whether you should buy a diesel car or not?

Cheapest new diesel car in Ireland at present
If I could reach on it I'd love to buy a new or newish small diesel car. I clock up 350 to 400 miles a week with work and other driving. Re mandelbrot's comment, this Dacia emits 99 g/km so while it is not THE most economical car available, it is very good.

Diesel Might Be Economical, But Gas Is Just So Much More Fun
I may have listed sound more than once there, but it's a big part of what makes a car for me. If it doesn't sound right, it just isn't right. So, by all means, buy a diesel car for your economy runs, but don't say it's the be all/end all of enthusiast fun.

Most economical diesel cars – UK List 2016 -Next Green Car
Diesel cars can be very economical – the list below shows the Top 30 diesel cars with the best fuel economy from cars currently available to buy in 2016 in the UK. The data is sorted by MPG and shows details on MPG, CO2 g/km, Tax Band and the unique Next Green Car Rating. This list of most…

Improves Fuel Economy – Diesel Tuning UK | WHY BUY FROM DTUK?
The rise in diesel car sales goes to show a shift toward more economical cars, so we're on the right track. Let's say you've discovered your Ford Focus TDCI has poor fuel economy. Even more reasons to buy from dtuk!

Vehicle emissions explained – buying a diesel or petrol car?
Although Vokswagen's 'defeat device' is likely to have an impact on all emissions, it is NOx emissions that are the issue. So motorists were encouraged by government incentives to buy diesel cars, primarily due to lower CO2 emissions, and these cars were also more economical than their petrol…

Diesel or Petrol? – Car rental in Sofia – Carbgrent Ltd.
Whether you want to buy a new car or take a rental car the question petrol or diesel is an integral part of the selection process. On the other, thanks to new injection systems, Start-Stop systems petrol engines are becoming more efficient and more economical.

How to make your fuel last longer
Q. I need to buy a new car – is it smarter to buy a hybrid or diesel car now? If you're really concerned about fuel saving, just think of buying a smaller, more economical car – a 1.2-litre motor instead of a 2.0, or a turbo four-cylinder instead of a V6 etc…

Top 10: Most Economical Cars
The biggest area car manufacturers have looked at is the diesel engine. Of course, more recently hybrid cars have been growing in popularity. So they you have it, the top 10 economical cars available to buy today.

Does buying a diesel actually save you money?- Car News | CarsGuide
The price discrepancy is made worse by the fact that the diesel isn't startlingly more economical than the petrol, using 4.8L/100km to the petrol's 7.3L/100km. Bottom line is if you're looking to save money by buying a diesel, forget it. It's not that simple, though — the diesel CX-5 has more power and…

Can you improve economy by chipping your car's engine? – Telegraph
The advertisements claim 30 per cent more power and 10 per cent more fuel economy from a diesel. If they could get their engines to be more economical without a trade off somewhere else, they Finally, if you've bought a car from a dealership, it's worth checking exactly how well it's been…

Petrol vs diesel cars: Drivers warned on diesel filter trap
Have your say: Have you bought a diesel car with a DPF? Has it caused you problems or has it been a breeze? Top 10 most economical cars on sale – according to real-world tests NOT the manufacturers.

Which is more economical to run: Hydrogen Fuel… – Quora
Please note this is merely an economical question, not an environmental one. With respect to the rise of diesel price, is it better to buy a petrol or a diesel car? Why does a diesel car have better mileage than a petrol version?

Ten of the best used diesel cars | This is Money
Ten of the best used diesel cars to buy for fuel efficiency and lower taxes. The UK carmaker is no more, but good used examples remain popular. The diesel version of the car makes it highly economical with an efficient fuel rate of 59.2mpg.

Diesel Downers | The American Spectator | More from the Spectator
And it also eats into the economic argument for buying a diesel, if the premise is buying it to save money. As a general rule, car buyers don't like hassles — and car buyers interested in more economical cars (i.e., diesels) generally don't like extra costs.

Diesel Vs Petrol Cars, Which One to Buy?
Moreover , there is a mileage factor which is up in diesel car for 4-5 km per litre.As per experts calculations the diesel car will be economical for Rs.1.50/1.60 per km than the petrol one even in 1) Diesel cars cost more upfront (a win for car makers who extract huge premiums from you!!)

Should I Buy Petrol or Diesel car in India?
TechTreme. Home » AutoMobile » Should I Buy Petrol or Diesel car in India? Other Reviews. This would actually depend on your run, means if you use it daily then diesel is better option as it is more economical compared to petrol.

Should you buy a petrol or diesel car? | Driving Tests Resources
Diesel is cheaper to buy, but you have to pay road user charges per kilometer. If you are considering a diesel because your main motivation is saving money, check out our guide to driving more economically first.

Top 10 Most Economical Cars – Fuel Efficient Vehicles
Most of us resort to the good-old diesels, just to save some fuel money. But if you're truly committed to preserving the environment, we've constructed a list of the top 10 economical cars, regardless of engine specs The Telegraph claims it is now the most fuel efficient automobile money can buy.

Diesel vs. Hybrid – Which is More Economical? | Green Car Reports
Buying Guides March 29, 2016 How to buy an electric-car charging station… While the diesel car may seem more economical in mpg and price, the hybrid still outweighs it economically.

The Case for and Against Buying a Diesel Car | Fox Business
The Case for and Against Buying a Diesel Car. By Claes Bell Published May 01, 2012 Features But there are signs diesel cars are becoming more mainstream, she says.

Mk2 Ford Focus TDCI 1.6 Diesel Review
If you're looking to buy a used Ford Focus diesel, the buyer's guide below offers some useful advice from UK Ford dealers. The Ford Focus is one of the most economical diesel cars to run and amongst the cheapest small cars to own, helped by the fact that it is a low emissions 'green car', with…

PDF Car buyer survey
I don't know much about the other cars, but I would imagine anything that's diesel would be quite economical. Some also stated that significantly higher petrol and diesel costs would increase their likelihood of buying a more fuel-efficient/ low CO2 car:24.

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