i got ripped off buying a used car

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We had a nice mechanic, who kept recommending that we get rid of it and get a used car that was cheaper to maintain. I think he felt bad every time we had to throw $1500 into it. I don't think I'd ever buy a Volvo that was more than five years old again…

How to Buy a Used Car Without Getting Ripped Off
Everyone knows you can save a ton of money buying a used vehicle instead of a new one. But how are you supposed to buy a used car without getting ripped off? Used car sellers are notorious for skillfully covering up expensive mechanical problems when selling used cars, and to make matters…

Buying a used car: 6 tips to make sure you don't get ripped off
Don't buy a used car until you've read our guide to not getting done. Here's everything you need to know before money changes hands.

How to Keep from Getting Ripped off on a Used Car: 7 Steps
There's a real art to buying a used car. The old adage "you get what you pay for" applies to cars. If you buy from an individual there is little chance you will have any recourse should you get ripped off. Hopefully this article will save some of you some major headache in the future.

How to Buy a Used Car and Not Get Ripped Off – Avvo.com
Additional resources provided by the author. Here are some other web sites that can help you avoid getting ripped off when you buy a used car or a used truck. The Negative Equity Ripoff Explained. The Truth About Used Car Lemon Laws.

Best used car buying tips- Car News | CarsGuide
Buying a used car can be a frightening exercise, but these simple tips will help you find the right car without being ripped off. Seek advice from our thousands of expert reviews, including used reviews to find out what to look for when cars get a few years and kilometres under their belt, or our many…

How To Vastly Reduce The Odds Of Being Ripped Off When Buying…
In my 24 years of practicing law, I have spoken to thousands of consumers who were ripped off when buying used cars. 1. Get the vehicle inspected before you buy it. So many people call my office to tell me what a mechanic found AFTER they bought the car.

How Not to Get Ripped Off When Buying a Car | eHow
How to avoid getting ripped off when renting a car. … Can You Rent a Car Without a … If you badly… How to Buy a Used Car. Will Buying a New Car Affect My Ability to Get a Mortgage? Advice About Not Getting Ripped Off On a Car Lease. How to Get Financing for a Classic Car.

How to avoid getting ripped off when you buy a used car – Quora
Would you buy a used car off twitter? I'm moving for a job. How do I sell my car quickly without getting ripped off? How do I avoid buying a used car that had previously been used as Uber? How can I get help to buy used cars? Do car mechanics rip off women?

How to Buy a Used Car Without Getting Ripped Off | TIME
FG/Bauer-Griffin—GC Images A view of Cadillac Corner in West Hollywood, California. Come out a winner in the used car game. Everyone knows you can save a ton of money buying a used vehicle instead of a new one. But how are you supposed to buy a used car without getting ripped off?

New vs. Used Car – 6 Benefits of Buying a Used Car for Cheap
My family has always bought used cars and never had a problem until the recent Jetta I bought, I did not get certified used and recommend that if you are going to buy something used. Edmunds.com has some good articles on how not to get ripped off when buying a used car.

Guy gets ripped off, is embarrassed – I Will Teach You To Be Rich
I would suggest he buys a used car and start investing right now. All the money that he will be giving to the bank, he could invested. There's nothing to be embarrassed about getting ripped off. At least you're seeking solutions.

Don't Get Ripped Off Next Time You Buy A Used Car
The answer lies in trying to not get ripped off in the first place. Know what "as is" means if you are buying a used car. In most states, a dealer can sell you a car "as is" and it means the car comes with no warranty of merchantability.

Ask Me Anything: Should I Buy a Used Car to Tour India?
6. Getting ripped off buying the car, the car breaking, repair costs, getting ripped off during repairs (welcome to my life with my Omni! lol we didn't get ripped off buying, but repairs we've gotten screwed). 7. It's so hot, you'll need AC and it's not so cheap to find a used AC car.

Don't get ripped off – buying a car in America
Don't get ripped off – how to buy a car in America. 1 Reply. So I bought a 2nd hand VW Jetta from a dealer. 1st time ever from a dealer let alone one in America. Get used to it. Remember, they are not your friend, your pal, or someone who is on your side. They want to make money. It's that simple.

I bought a S2000 and got ripped off – S2KI Honda S2000 Forums
I recently bought a S2000 from someone in Los Angeles. The deal was for his car as is which included OEM HARD TOP, OEM HARD TOP STAND, VOLK RACING That would have been my first sign of something not right. You got ripped off in more than one way my man.

Rookie » How to Buy a Used Car | 4. Get Some Answers
Finding and buying a car isn't hard, but you need to know a few things to do it right and not get ripped off. Find out up front the exact number on the odometer—for a used car that you will mostly drive around town, shoot for something with less than 100,000 miles.

How to Buy a Used Car Without Getting Ripped Off
Used Car Research: How to Buy a Car Without Getting Ripped Off. If you're planning on buying a used car, there are some specific things you should look for, try out, and ask about before making your purchase.

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Top 5 Worst Car Buying Mistakes | Credit.com
Example, I recently bought a new vehicle, new not used. The rate I got from my bank was 2.25 percent. The dealer was able to offer 1.8 percent. Joe Schmo. A 2 year old car with 40k miles on it, with only 3k knocked off the new price is a rip off, regardless.

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Re: god, did I get ripped off?
> If you paid 15k for a brand new car, did you get ripped off? I can't sseem to get a better deal anywhere, unless it's a used car. Should I just keep this god-awful nightmare, or should I return it for a used car with problems?

Buying Used and Secondhand Cars in Spain
Should I Buy a Used Car or Import My Car? We get a lot of questions e-mailed to us from people who are living outside Spain in countries such as the United Kingdom. It will be well worth it to establish that you have bought the car properly and not been ripped off in the process.

I think I got ripped off | Forum
Who knows, the guy you bought them off of could of also purchased them used and was told they were for a particular car but never used them to find out. I bought a set of new leaf springs from a vendor and it took 3 or 4 times (I lost count) to get the correct ones.

How to Buy a New Car and Avoid Dealer Scams – Introduction
Using our advice and tools, you'll get a great deal that is still more than fair for the dealership. If you aren't prepared then prepare to get ripped off, it's that simple. People have no problem taking weeks to plan a vacation, but don't spend a few hours doing research before they buy a $30,000 car.

"Our kids buy a car on Trade Me and get ripped off in a big way"…
Of the four options which Quentin and Livy then faced to get the car or their money back, they opted to take a case to the Disputes Tribunal, which we used to call the Small Claims Court. Bought a great little Nissan off TradeMe and took it off to Nissan Motors to be revalued at twice price.

How To Buy or Sell a Car and Never Get Ripped Off Again!
This means you've got water in the oil, which is a dead give away for a blown head gasket. If you buy a used car in an area that has really hot climates then you Use a big rag and turn the cap very slowly keeping downward pressure on the cap so you don't blow your head off and scald yourself to death!

Ultimate List of Car Buying Scams
Thinking of buying a car? Then you're probably like most consumers – afraid and anxious about being ripped off. Some states have lax laws about this. When buying a used car from dealer, try to get a 30 day warranty.

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Used Car Secrets Exposed
REVEALED: Used Car Sales Insider Mark Hanley rips the lid off of the used car market by revealing insider secrets, tips, tricks and scams that that will keep you from getting ripped off when buying a used car and ensure that you get the most car for your money without paying a PENNY more than…

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