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buying a car sales tax californiaDo I Have to Pay a Sales Tax for Buying a Car? (with pictures)
If you live in a state that has sales tax, then you must pay sales tax on a car. This sales tax law applies even if you buy… Thus if a Californian purchases a car in Oregon, he or she will have to pay sales tax when registering the car in their home state.

How to calculate a used vehicle's sales tax in California – Quora
To your question, sales tax is usually based on where the purchaser will register the vehicle. If, for example, someone from Wyoming buys a car in California, they don't pay California's sales tax: they pay the sales tax in their home state when they register.

Buying a new car in Oregon to avoid sales tax (vehicle, buy) | Forum
Is it possible to buy a car in Oregon and avoid the extortionate California sales tax? What are the general rules regarding this? Assume I have an investment property in Oregon, so I do have an address to furnish and ability to register the car in OR, but I live full time in California.

Tax & Tags Calculator for New & Used Cars |
After calculating sales tax (depending on the new car sales tax rate), you may find your total fess have increased significantly. Buying and Selling FAQs. Dealers & Auto Industry. San Diego, California.

How much Massachusetts sales tax do I have to pay buying…
When I bought a car in California, I was told that the state will accept whatever the sales price the seller and buyer claim and charge sales tax according to that figure. The state knows people are lying, but it will prevent people like me getting screwed over by the state.

How to Calculate Auto Sales Tax | eHow
In addition to state taxes,… California Auto Sales Tax Law. What Are the Sales Taxes When Buying a Car in Georgia? The state of Georgia has one of the most complicated car sales tax structures of any U.S. state.

Understanding California's Sales Tax
When California created its sales tax in 1933 and its use tax in 1935, the rate was 2.5 percent and all revenue went to the state's General Fund. Sometimes, California consumers buy tangible goods from retailers who do not collect California sales tax.

Buying car in one state, moving to another? | Forum –
Not sure how CA charges sales tax though. A quick visit to their DMV site should answer the question. If you buy a car outside California and move here within 90 days, you are presumed to have acquired it for use in California.

Do you have to pay sales tax to register your car in California…
If you buy a car in California and live in Washington where do you pay sales tax? I asked Dept. of Licensing in WA and got this answer: If you pay 8.5 % sales tax in CA, then you owe the incremental difference in WA use tax (additional 1 % for Seattle.)

united states – Sales tax "trick" while buying a used car; i.e. declaring…
Here is the quote from the Bill of Sale form from California: This line is right above where you sign. I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.

California company buys OnFocus Healthcare.

Tax-Friendly Places to Buy a Car-Kiplinger
You buy a new car and the sales tax and title and registration fees are automatically added to the balance of your auto loan. As you might guess, California ($2,212) shows up on the highest-tax list.

Car Tax by State – F&I TOOLS | New Car Factory Warranty List
United States vehicle sales tax varies by state, and often by counties, cities, municipalities, and localities within each state. Car tax is paid based on the state where the car is first registered, so if you live in California and buy a car in Oregon…

Paying Sales Tax on a Used Car Bought out of State – Budgeting Money
If you're a Texas resident and buy a car out of state, you'll pay a sales tax when you register it. In California, you'll pay a use fee on any vehicle brought in from out of state, whether it's a used car you just bought or one you're bringing in when you move.

CA Bill To Cut Sales-Tax, License Fees On Electric, Alt-Fuel Cars
Now a new bill introduced in the California Assembly aims to trim a bit more off the costs of buying and registering these cars by reducing their assessed value. California Bill Would Slash Sales Tax On Greenest New…

What New Car Fees Should You Pay? on
An Overview of the Process Most commonly, there are three categories of car-buying fees: vehicle registration fees, sales tax and a documentation fee or "doc fee." $110. California.

Sales Taxes when Buying a Used Car in California… | PriusChat
That's on top of the gas tax, the insurance tax and all the other taxes associated with operating your car in California. Here is some simple economics: CA Sales tax on 30000 is about 2500 CA Sales tax on 20000 is about 1700.

Are Interstate Car Sales a Feasible, Good and Legal Idea?
When a Washington resident buys a car in Oregon, the amount of sales tax that should have been charged on the sale of the car is assessed at the time of the car's registration in WA – it's not called "sales tax" but it's an equivalent amount. On preview, I think WA's is called a use tax, as California's…

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Always check the CARFAX before you buy a used car.

How to Calculate Sales Tax, New Car Sales Tax | Tips for Car Buying
Example: Orange County California has a sales tax of 7.75% and Los Angeles County has a sales tax of 8.25%. Read more New Car Buying Tips and Used Car Buying Checklist.

California Considers Reducing Sales Tax On Electric Cars
In 2014, plug-in electric car sales in California increased to about 60,000. At average transaction price of $34,725 per vehicle, that translates to a $92 million difference between 3.06% and 7.5% sales tax. Whomever ended up buying the used car would have paid for the remainder of the sales tax.

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Sales tax.

California Sales Tax |
Taxpayers in California may also be eligible for a number of tax credits, for financial events and expenses including childcare, buying a new home, the purchase of an electric vehicle and installing solar panels on their house. California's base sales tax is 7.5%, highest in the country.

California resident purchasing a Nevada vehicle? | Yahoo Answers
If you buy a vehicle from somewhere in Arizona where the sales tax rate happens to be 7.5% and the dealer actually collects Arizona sales tax from you, you will be required to pay .75% use tax to California.

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California Universities.

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Ticket sales.

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Once your financing is lined up, you'll know how much you can spend on a car. Don't buy a car you can't afford. Too often car shoppers think about the final number they are willing to pay and don't factor in taxes, title fees and other expenses.

New Car Incentives AUTO STIMULUS explained: Sales Tax deduction…
FYI: Parts of California sales tax is 8.25 (i.e. in LA county). Yes. If you buy a car which costs more than USD 49500, say $52000, then you will be eligible for state and sales tax deduction on upto $49500 of the purchase value of car.

Car dealers fear state tax increases will put the brake on sales – latimes
California's auto dealers are worried that the state's new budget will put an even bigger dent in already miserable sales. Increases in the sales tax and vehicle license fees were key components of the measure signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday. Both raise the cost of buying a car.

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